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Stock Exchange Stock Code: 00989
  Established in 1990, Hua Yin International Holdings Limited (formerly known as Ground International Development Limited) ("Hua Yin", together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred as the "Group") has been listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 989) since 1997.

The Group is primarily engaged in property development and management business, property investment, as well as retail sales and management services. In respect of the property development and management business, the Group completed acquiring 35% equity interest in the property project in Jilin Province, the PRC, in October 2013. This integrated-property project is expected to be developed into an upscale resort consisting of a six-star hotel, theme park, villa and residential apartments. Acknowledging the increasing importance of the property investment business, the Group has designated it as a separate business segment in September 2013 and its current investment properties are all situated in Hong Kong. With regards to retail sales and management services, the Group operates 21 retail stores in Shanghai that provide telecommunications equipment and management services.

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