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  Vision: Create a better life and bring dreams to fruition!

Customers: To deliver a quality life by producing healthy, wholesome and safe products for customers and offering attentive and professional services, providing consumers a truly enjoyable product and services experience.

Staff: To create an open and pleasant working environment where ideas are valued, individualized motivation, professional and boundless career development are provided to staff to inspire their dreams and to seize every opportunity on the road to success and to share their achievements with the team.

Partners: To provide scope for growth, through shared business objectives and forge common values and beliefs so as to foster strong complementary and mutually beneficial relationships.

Company: To build a conglomerate which integrates the interests of staff, consumers, partners and the Company, and continuously enhances productivity and profitability with an aim to become a long-standing and respected enterprise.

Mission: Work hard for a better life and fulfill our dreams.

Mission statement: Ground Properties strives to become a leader in providing a quality lifestyle and to develop into a diversified modern conglomerate offering safe and healthy food, outstanding integrated communication services, world-leading audio products and highly effective financial services as well as a developer and operator of specialized properties and a smart organic agriculture business.

With an open mind, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility aiming to benefit people from all walks of life, adhering to our belief of continuously striving our utmost, focusing on developing industry-leading technologies and upholding our customer service philosophy to exceed expectations. We hope to help our staff realise their dreams and build a respected enterprise with sustained profitability enduring more than a century. Our ultimate goal is to create a better life and let dreams come true!

Core values: Customer-focused and achievement-oriented, honest and appreciative, prudent and driven

Customer demand is the core of our corporate development. Thus, customer satisfaction is the benchmark for assessment of our success and we always aim to maximise customers’ interests.
For those who work hard to create value for customers, we provide a career platform and reward them to demonstrate our appreciation for their effort and dedication.
Honest and appreciative: Always honest and sincere in our words and behaviour, we always repay and reward others’ contributions and kindnesses
Prudent and driven: Built on a solid foundation and emphasizing results, we advocate continuous learning and innovation, eliminate counterproductive thinking and reject unnecessary adherence to old practices and stagnation of our business.

Our values on customers: Centering on customer demand, we cooperate with them to achieve mutually beneficial results and realise dreams together.

Our main target is to provide valuable products and services to customers effectively. The philosophy is simple: our success depends on our customers’ success.

Our values on talent: Striver-oriented, to undertake, to grow and to share the accomplishment together.

Striver-oriented: Strivers are the most valuable asset of a company. We stress the nurturing of and caring for diligent staff to ensure no talent is wasted.

Undertake together: We cultivate shared values among our staff who are loyal to the Company, and who are dutiful and willing to shoulder responsibility without any excuses.

Grow together: We offer a competitive working environment embracing diverse choices and formulate customised career planning under principles of fairness and justice, thus providing more learning and development opportunities for staff.

Share the accomplishment together: We respect staff and labour, promote collaborative creation and ownership and share honours and rewards among the team.

Our values on products: Excellent quality for pleasant experience.

We earn trust from customers with outstanding product quality and service. At the same time, we promote the new philosophy of gaining a fuller understanding through user participation and delivering an innovative technology-driven product experience through a focus on the integration of user demand and technology.
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